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Climate Action Art event with Chispa.org

Participants:  Children: ages 5 to 15
Activity:  Painting on small canvases to create art that tells the story of how we treat our planet 

Location: Meeting Room 3                     Organizer: Chispa CT

As we witness the crumbling of federal environmental regulations, and the environmental harm inflicted on communities, it’s crucial that we rise up and educate our community on the importance of facing honestly our current climate emergency—and then taking action. CAAW will display local artwork focused on the suffering caused to our people and our environment by climate change,

 Art pieces created at this event will be displayed in Middletown at our Climate Action Art Walk from Sat. Oct. 5 to Sun. Oct 13.  

These paintings by children and youth will be given the same respect as those created by professional artists and included in CAAW in October.  This event is an opportunity for young people to tell their versions of the environmental story, including how much they love specific animals and natural features or how sad they feel at the ways Climate Change has damaged our environment.

Saturday, September 7, 2019
1:00pm - 3:00pm
Meeting Room 3
  All Ages     Children     Teen  

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